Eco Farm Glamping

Odyssey Eco Farm Glamping

The Odyssey Eco Farm Glamping...

is an Eco Nature friendly way of holiday making where the full experience of lodging, cooking, eating and outdoor activities are all part of the stay-over.You may call it glamorous camping or you may call it luxurious camping. We prefer to call it nature friendly - holiday making.

At Odyssey we underwrite the importance of protecting the environment and sustainable development in tourism, as well as the personal responsibility that each of us has towards the environment.

We offer a way of holiday-making that is targeting the experience of living near and with nature. An adventure that will broaden horizons and will create a deeper engagement with the local nature and surroundings. That is an environment considerate experience that focuses on sustainability and social consciousness, the ideal for a green traveler.

A traveler that cares deeply for the environment and adopts green habits such as eating local grown food while learning more of the local ecosystems, reduces the single use of plastic while at the same time following local traditions and culture and meeting locals . How can you combine all that and enjoy a carefree holiday at the same time?

Sleeping under the stars in comfort...

Our Odyssey eco Glamping is not a traditional camping, also it is not really glamorous. Our Odyssey Eco Glamping is tastefully decorated with respect to nature and Greek traditions (greek farmhouse style). As close to nature as one can get in Greece. Sleeping under and in the shadow of olive,lemon and orange trees while listening to the sound of nature, The song of the waves lapping on the shore and the everpresent crickets are completing the feeling of being in Greece.

Next to olive, lemon and orange trees, there are pomegranates, walnut and almond trees and a lot of other type of trees that grow locally. We have a few chickens and a vegetable garden that is big enough to give us fresh vegetables throughout the year. Our outdoor kitchen has become the perfect place for cooking with our friends, and to host cooking classes with the freshly picked vegetables from our garden. The outdoor kitchen also comes with a traditional oven and a nice BBQ where we all gather and learn unique greek words like “kefi”.

All the agricultural experiences we love to share with our guests, like making marmalades from oranges and lemons straight from the tree, we organize weeks picking of olives, pomegranates and grapes.

Love for nature, respect for tradition and organic farming being the essence of what we want to share with our friends and guests.

At Odyssey our aim is that our guests are not going back home from their holiday with just some nice pictures. We love to create feelings with our guests. Feelings and memories that they can take back home and keep them in their hearts and minds forever and please bear in mind that we love a good laugh and we love teasing in our family and our guests are family!

Our goal for the coming years is to make Odyssey 100% environmentally friendly, meet more people from all around the world, cook more, share more activities,laughs,teasings and feelings with our family guests and we are working every day towards that goal as we are not satisfied for less than the best in the Odyssey of our life.