Odyssey Eco Farm Glamping

Odyssey Wedding Planning

Why do we organize weddings ?
1. Because we have a beautiful location that is fairytale-like.

2. I (Dora) love organizing events, especially weddings, there is something so special about that day where everything comes together with the joy and love that you see in people’s eyes. For me it doesn't get better than those moments.

3. My mother (Katerina) keeps pressuring our friends and guests of odyssey to get married, so we don’t have any other option than to also arrange those weddings for them.

Just imagine sailing in a decorated boat for the church or accompanied by traditional instruments, our beach lit by torches and the wonderful Poros with its magical full moon or our unique sunset as background for your wedding photos, tables spread among the olive trees under the starry sky, rich menu of pure local products and delicacies prepared by Odyssey itself with the long tradition of gastronomy lessons , feasting and dancing the way that only Odyssey family knows how to organize and enjoy and of course the stay over for the the couple and the guests themselves so they can celebrate their happiness without restrictions!
And of course we would be more than happy to host you again for the renewal of your vows or baptizing your new family member.

In all seriousness we absolutely love planning weddings, they bring so much happiness to a place that we love so much and hold so dear.
All that we could wish for anyone that is engaged and about to get married is a lifetime full of happiness together and we would love to be a part of that happiness in your life.

Odyssey Events - Odyssey Eco Farm Glamping
Odyssey Events - Odyssey Eco Farm Glamping
Odyssey Events - Odyssey Eco Farm Glamping
Odyssey Events - Odyssey Eco Farm Glamping
Odyssey Events - Odyssey Eco Farm Glamping
Odyssey Events - Odyssey Eco Farm Glamping

Odyssey Private Events

Are you looking for a special way to celebrate, birthday, anniversary, or just want an unforgettable party?

Odyssey eco farm glamping is also the perfect place for smaller scale events.
Our ample space by the sea away from a densely populated area with the beach and the pool as well as the dance floor on the patio and the possibility of accommodation is the right place for any celebration or gathering without restrictions on the schedule or volume of the music.

Odyssey Corporate Events

Do you want to present your work, organize a seminar or just relax and get to know your co-workers outside the office on a beautiful and relaxing trip?

At Odyssey eco farm glamping you can hold your corporate event on the beach, by the pool or in the olive grove accompanied by cocktails or wine from our production and delicacies by Katerina known for the delicious gastronomy lessons she delivers.

The impressive landscape with the island of Poros and the unique sunset from our farm that will be seen by your guests and associates creates the ideal conditions to crown your business event with success.